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"Delicious turkey once again."  C.H.

Welcome to Holme Farm Turkeys

Reared and produced with the greatest of care to produce the finest truly farm fresh turkeys.

Holme Farm is a small family farm growing wheat, barley and rape. We also have 100 breeding sheep and 400 fattening pigs.


Last but not least are our Christmas turkeys which we have been rearing since 1964.Christmas is the one time of year that many families sit down together to enjoy their traditional meal and where better to start than with a Holme Farm turkey.


Holme Farm turkeys only been fed a natural cereal diet , with no antibiotics or growth promoters. They are slowly matured for up to twice as long as standard turkeys. They live in natural conditions and have plenty of space to allow them to move freely.


This year why not treat yourself to one of our Bronze Free Range turkeys for that special Christmas meal.