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We believe it's important to know where your meat comes from and how it's produced. That's why the Crosse family have been producing free range turkeys in Baldock and Hitchin for the last 35 years. 

Since early summer we have been caring for and nurturing your turkey, raising it to Golden Turkey standards.

Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee:

  • Reared at Holme Farm from day one by the Crosse family, with over 50 years experience in Christmas Turkeys.

  • Housed in barns with access to grass meadows.

  • Fattened on rations containing at least 70% of cereals with no animal protein and never given antibiotics or other additives for growth promotion.

  • Regularly bedded with comfortable straw and grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition.

  • Inspected by the local environmental health office to ensure that all legislation is fully complied with and to ensure we process our Turkeys safely.

  • Slaughtered on the farm to avoid stress from transport.

  • Always dry plucked and dry aged for a minimum of seven days to mature and develop the natural flavours unique to this type of rearing.

  • Individually inspected and examined before qualifying for the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee.

  • Supplied with money back commitment in the unlikely event of your dissatisfaction.  This commitment is guaranteed by The Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association.


Mrs. A "Nicest Turkey we’ve had and great service. Highly recommend."

Mr H. "Having been let down by a supermarket for two years out of the last four, we decided to try Holme Farm. The turkey they supplied was undoubtedly the best we have ever enjoyed. We will certainly be going there next year."



The Crosse family outside in a turkey field with turkeys
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